Michael O'Keefe

Michael O'Keefe

Michael O'Keefe  is a professional photojournalist and commercial photographer working closely with a number of fire departments, medical helicopter programs and local media outlets across the nation. Michael is commonly referred to as a "fire photographer" as he is either dispatched and/or monitors emergency radio traffic 24/7.  

How it all began

Michael realized his passion for photography at the age of 16 while taking pictures of passing trains.  A loud crash grabbed his attention when two vehicles collided just a block away from where he was taking pictures.  He raced to the scene  and snapped a few pictures as First Responders arrived.  He was approached by one of the drivers in the collision to furnish them with pictures of the collision for their insurance company.  At that moment the fun began and he has been a photojournalist ever since.  

Passionate about his work

Michael has a very good eye for capturing images of our Heroes at work with discretion and respect.  Photojournalism is Michael's passion.  

Commercial outlets use his photography for advertising their products as well as first responder's family members purchase shots of their loved ones in action on a regular basis.  Michael's work is headlined and featured in newspapers on a regular basis. He has also been featured numerous times in the media regarding his unique and interesting career.  

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